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Pipsqueek Panic: 4 Player Frantic Fun!

Desperate for new 4-player content? We've got you covered!

Roswell Carnivale will be launching on April 10th and will be sticking around for just 15 days, and for the majority of that time you'll have access to a new 4-player Raid! Inspired by the Gremlin's movies and real-life Levittowns, Pipsqueek Panic is a dangerous and high-stakes jaunt through a suburban nightmare. Giant crevices have opened up in the streets and swarms of Pipsqueeks are patrolling the area.

However, these aren't just any old Pipsqueeks, because most Pipsqueeks don't glow. These little monsters move fast and they strike hard, so you'll want to bring three of your closest friends if you hope to make it though this alive! With a few new mechanics and enemies that behave like never before, you'll think you've traveled somewhere even beyond Nirvana!

Now you're not just after any old treasure here. You're after an even bigger prize. Rumor has it that one of the Fangs of X'al X'ur, the Vexation Priest of Chaos and Discord, has been discovered on this opposite side of this sprawling suburban development. You'll have to move heaven and earth to get there, but when you arrive you'll have found yourself the next best thing to a Vexation Relic.

We won't spoil too much more about Pipsqueek Panic and leave the rest of the exploring up to you when you dive into Roswell Carnivale in just under two weeks! Pipsqueek Panic won't be available right away, but you'll be able to jump into it after just a couple days. We've decided to hold this Raid back from the initial launch to give you a chance to collect those valuable gear sets first. You'll need them if you hope to survive Pipsqueek Panic!

Roswell Carnivale launches April 10th and disappears forever on April 24th. Sign up for NirvanaNet at to ensure that you'll have access!