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Introducing RoswellCarnivaleOnline!

What if you spent four years making a movie or writing a book, and you only intended to release it for 15 days?

Welcome to Roswell Carnivale, the basis for our next major game world coming to NirvanaOnline in under a month! Roswell Carnivale is a full-sized, full-budget, full-content game world that will be available in NirvanaOnline for just 15 days!

When you first arrive in Roswell Carnivale, you'll find yourself in the new central hub, the returning Big Top that managed to return from Chernobyl Carnivale, though it is noticeably smaller this time around. Surrounding the Big Top are the various new districts that make up the park. There's the Crop Circles (our new Freakshow), Midway Island, the Funfair, the Ruins, Quarantine: Persephone, the Freak Factory, and Mothership Zero.

First of all, we have the Crop Circles, a brand new Freakshow-esque district filled with the majority of the World Bosses that Roswell Carnivale has to offer. Players can approach any of the flying saucers that have touched down north of the Big Top and be sucked up into their interiors where they will find the boss spawners. Players can expect to find a particularly strange new gear set that they can take home with them even after Roswell disappears in the Nirvana Black Box forever!

Next, we have two very colorful districts full of exploration and loot galore. These are the Funfair and the Midway Island. The Funfair is very similar to the district of the same name found in Chernobyl Carnivale. It's where players are going to find the merry-go-round, the tilt-a-whirl, two dueling roller coasters, a skyshot ride, and more! Midway Island is located just on the other side of the small bridge and packs just as much fun. Filled with mini-games and surrounded by a colorful canyon, Midway Island is packed with nooks and crannies that players will want to explore fully to make sure they uncover every secret and open every chest.

Then on the opposite side of the park, we have three of our largest attractions. The Freak Factory is a mysterious foundry to the east of the Big Top that contains as many secrets and mysteries as it does broken machines and enemies to slay. To the north of the Freak Factory lies the meteorite crash site that is Quarantine Persephone. When the government erected the massive biodome around the site, they sealed in the bioaerosol spewing out of the meteor, but they also sealed off some of its most alluring secrets. Finally, to the south we have the Mothership, a massive alien spacecraft with its own Dungeon and Maze within and beneath.

Additionally, Roswell Carnivale has some incredible offerings that will be releasing over the course of its short, 15-day season. We've got a very special new Vault, an exciting 4-player Raid, some interesting single-player content, and even a full expansion pack for our NirvanaNet subscribers.

First of all, on April 17th we will celebrate Network Nirvana's 9th anniversary with a new Vault that we call Dreameater. Players will be thrown into a 1980s nuketown at the Nevada Weapons Testing facility. The nuke is primed to detonate and the players are well within its range of destruction. Players will have to escape the nuketown, climb the mountain, defuse the nuke, and get away without fully witnessing the Power of the Atom.

On April 14th, we have a new 4-player Raid that we call Pipsqueek Panic. Players will head into a cookie cutter suburban neighborhood that has been ransacked and ravaged by Pipsqueeks, Recodexer's most common and infamous enemy type. Players will dodge lava pools and burning houses while maneuvering through this massive suburban development to the southeast of Roswell Carnivale.

Then, for our NirvanaNet subscribers we have a huge new expansion pack for them to enjoy over the course of the Roswell Carnivale season. Heiram Heights is a massive construction project to the northeast of Roswell Carnivale. The project is made up of two giant towers on the edge of the park. The majority of the towers are sectioned off for high-end luxury apartments while the top four floors of each tower are exclusively for the massive nightclub that is being built there. Players will run across cranes and delve into half-built shopping malls and dance clubs as they venture throughout the Heiram Heights expansion pack starting April 11th!

While we won't be revealing the overall contents of Roswell Carnivale just yet, you can be assured that there will be a ton to play. We have new Strikes, Arenas, Dungeons, a new Maze, a new Raid, a new Vault, many new World Bosses, new gear sets, and new lore! No matter what you enjoy most about NirvanaOnline, we will have something for you! There will also be more looks at Roswell leading up to launch, so stay tuned as we keep the reveals coming!

So there you have it, your first look at RoswellCarnivaleOnline! This epic new game world will be available starting at 3:00 PM April 10th and will remain available until it disappears forever at 11:59 PM April 24th. If you haven't yet signed up for a NirvanaNet subscription to play this amazing new content, you can do so at or you can visit one of our participating public libraries.

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