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The Vexation War Update

Yes, you read that right! The Vexation War Update is almost upon us, and it's bringing with it a whole new era of NirvanaOnline as we know it as SilverServer 3.0 arrives to take the game to the next level! Read through this intro article to see what all will be arriving when the Vexation War Update drops in NirvanaOnline sometime soon!

The first major addition to NirvanaOnline that comes with the Vexation War Update is the addition of the Monastery. The Monastery (also known as the Second Monastery, for you lore buffs), is our first NirvanaOnline hub world. Players will use this new world to manage all of the other game worlds they will have access to, providing a more streamlined experience when traveling between game worlds.

In addition to containing all of the portals to all of the other game worlds, the Monastery will also contain the new unified NirvanaOnline shop. This will act as the replacement shop for all of the other main shops occupying the other game worlds. This means that if you need to make a purchase from here on out (not including players houses, those are remaining where they are), you will do it from the massive new shop at the Monastery. This shop contains everything a player could ever want, from potions and enchanted apples, to shulker boxes and doses of Vegnatrex. That's right, shulker boxes have now arrived in NirvanaOnline, allowing players to reach up to 1700 inventory slots, and giving them the ability to more naturally organize the treasures they've accumulated across their adventures!

But that's not all that will be available in the Monastery, as part of the mystery and intrigue of the new hub world lies just outside of the Monastery's walls. You see, just outside of the Monaster lies the Monastic Badlands, a new zone within the hub world that is teeming with mystery and enigma. Players will be able to garner some more information regarding the fabric of NirvanaOnline while exploring this strangely-beautiful new biome. Oh, and make sure to check back here often, as the Monastic Badlands will be shifting and changing from time to time, and you never know what exactly you'll find in all of its nooks and crannies...

The next major addition to NirvanaOnline with the Vexation War update is the addition of a new Activity Type! The new activity is called the Activated Pulsis, and it's about to change how players see combat in NirvanaOnline.

Activated Pulsis activities will soon be found all over the World of Nirvana. When deranged cultists try to power Vexation Relics, these are the kinds of atrocities that come spilling into our dimension. Find these colossal monuments and shut them down before the ritual can be completed. The world needs you, and you'll want to farm them yourself, so get out there and start shutting down the Pulsis!

Additionally, as the war for our dimension heats up among the Vexat, the war for a new currency called Dust will be making its way to NirvanaOnline. This new type of community challenge will pit players against each other as they race to collect the most grains of Dust as quickly as possible. Managing to make your way to the top of the leaderboard will be a feat in itself, but claiming those sweet rewards will be so worth it! We'll have more information as we get closer to the first Dust War event, so stay tuned!

Lastly, another of the most-requested features in NirvanaOnline will no longer be exclusive to the Starfire Spire 12-player Vault! With the Vexation War Update, every Vault will be getting a new Apex Mode, checkpoints, and an exclusive player house as a reward for completing the Vault! The Wicked Wilds will be getting Yaga's Grove, Mr. Sandman's Citadel will be receiving Quicksand Keep, and Moon Falls will be getting Moon Terrace! We'll have more details soon about how these player houses can be unlocked, and even more details about the new mechanics being added to each of the Vaults to give them a new sense of challenge and difficulty!

The Vexation War update should be arriving next Friday in NirvanaOnline. It'll bring with it a new game mode, a new game world, an all-new shop, Apex modes and player houses for every Vault, and a new community challenge! We're very excited for you to try out the Vexation War Update, and we think you're going to LOVE it!

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