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Sidewinder Springs Legacy Update!

Our first announcement for today is an exciting one, and it comes in the form of a much-deserved Legacy Update for everyone's favorite Wild West adventure!

Sidewinder Springs has been updated to include more content in each of the base zones as well as some enhanced aesthetics throughout the interim regions between the towns. We've also laid some ground for future updates and expansion packs by tweaking some of the old content throughout the game world.

In addition to these new updates and aesthetic improvements, we're also releasing a new Dungeon into the territory of Sidewinder Springs called Coronado Springs. In Coronado Springs players will get to investigate the remains of a dried-up lake to the north of Sidewinder Springs while fighting the usual collection of bandits and other delightful monsters. Players interested in completing their gear sets collection will be able to pick up the Rio Bandito gear set from this dungeon.

We are very excited to have you dive into our newly-updated Sidewinder Springs content ASAP, and fortunately you won't have to wait long! Everything you've read about is available on NirvanaNet RIGHT NOW! So what are you still doing? Get out there and kill some bandits!

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