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Presenting the Basilica Acolytica!

I, Zane Carlisle Wyndham, have declared that the doors to my mythical workshop shall be reopened as of this moment forward. Those who seek answers and enigmas should dare to challenge by beloved Basilica, but those who are of faint heart should steer clear.

The Basilica Acolytica

The Basilica Acolytica was one of my workshops that I used for a great number of years while I investigated the atrocities of Chernobyl Carnivale. Within its numerous halls, I have left a great many articles and tomes within these halls that reveal portions of my work that I would wish to remain hidden from the wrong eyes. To protect these secrets, I've guarded by Basilica with some of the worst monsters ever to walk the land and some of the most complex puzzles of my own imagining. Only those who are worthy in both mind and body may proceed through these halls.

The Basilica Acolytica is its own Vault, but it is a Vault unlike anything you've experienced before. Moon Falls was a two-phase Vault, Mr. Sandman's Citadel and the Wicked Wilds were both three-phase Vaults, but the Basilica Acolytica is a five-phase Vault designed for the most experienced player. This welcomes in another new game mode to NirvanaOnline: The Apex Vaults. Apex Vaults are designed with mechanics used in other Vaults around NirvanaOnline, and since the Basilica Acolytica was my workshop for many years, you'll be walking the halls of the very place where I designed many of the traps and puzzles you know and love (hate).

What's Within The Basilica

As seen in the image above, the first room of the Basilica is the Lantern Market, and is perhaps the most tame of all my creations you'll encounter here. From this room you'll be able to see the other three phases of the building, but before I abandoned by Basilica I made sure to gate off most of the structure, so you'll need to find alternative routes to navigate the building.

Additionally, I've made sure to provide no explanation for any of the puzzles you find within these halls, so you'll have to figure out the whole of the building for yourself. As you progress from room to room the tricks and traps will only get more devious and my puzzles only more complex. If you should happen to be savvy enough to make it to the final room and defeat the boss battle, my secrets and treasure will be yours.

However, if you manage to beat the Basilica Acolytica, the challenge has only just begun. On your first trek through the Basilica you'll encounter just five phases, but my beautiful masterpiece has a total of eleven. If you wish to unlock all of my secrets and the whole of the story, you'll need to make several trips through the underbelly and the gardens that surround the complex, but those will not reveal themselves until the first group successfully completes my Basilica Acolytica.

Finding the Basilica

Lastly, you should know that finding and entering my Basilica is half the challenge. I've made sure that the doors to my masterpiece will only open to those who are worthy, and you'll need to collect three different Relic Writs if you should hope to gain entry.

The entrance to the Basilica is somewhere 'out of the way', so don't expect a grand entrance. I've hidden the room that provides access to this new Vault somewhere in Chernobyl Carnivale. Once found, you'll know where to go to access my masterpiece, but you may still have to collect a couple more Relic Writs before you can open the doors. I'll only let the best of the best pass through the ivory doors, so you had best bulk upon on gear and come greatly prepared.

Relic Writs

Relic Writs are a new collectible item that can be obtained by completed the other Vaults around the game worlds of NirvanaOnline. Moon Falls, Mr. Sandman's Citadel, and the Wicked Wilds have already started dropping them upon completion. When you obtain a Relic Writ, it will look like a simple piece of paper, but upon it, it will have the name of the Vault that it was obtained from, and this signifies that you were able to successfully complete the Vault. Make sure to have a couple open spaces in your inventory before you that that Claim Your Reward button, because if there's not space for it, the Relic Writ will be lost.

Relic Writs are given by the Artificer's Order, one of the four Great Guilds. The Artificer's Order is dedicated to finding and protecting Vexation Relics, and since there is a Relic at the end of every Vault, these are prime places to obtain writs. These writs signify that the holder was able to successfully find a Vexation Relic and hand it over to the Artificer's Order for safe keeping.

The Ultimate Reward

You'll be entering into my Basilica Acolytica in search of the best rewards achievable in all of NirvanaOnline. However, something even more valuable rests at the end of my masterpiece. Complete every track through my Basilica to unlock a larger portion of the story that you never knew existed, as well as another prize in itself.

In addition, I'll be giving away a one-year subscription to the Record and Files of Zane Wyndham, a new lore delivery service that will be launching in 7 day's time. Be on the first team to complete the Basilica Acolytica organically within the first 30 days of release to claim this reward and stake your claim to even more of the story hanging over NirvanaOnline, and if that's not one heck of a prize then I don't know what is.

(Oh yeah, there's also a really awesome gear piece in there too.)

In Conclusion

The Basilica Acolytica is now open to all, but only those who have obtained the three currently-available Relic Writs from each of the currently-available Vaults. Once you've obtained all three writs and have discovered the location of the entrance, you'll need to fight your way through enigmas and enemies to claim one of my ultimate prizes. But as I've previously stated, even when you reach the end of my masterpiece, the fight will only have just begun...

Good luck out there...