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Presenting the Anniversary Update!

Well everyone, it's been another great year here at Network Nirvana, so we thought we would share the bounty with you guys! The player base is on the rise, our Player Housing Update is out and is slowly taking over NirvanaOnline, and we've made massive aesthetic leaps in almost all of our game worlds. But don't worry, we aren't stopping there!

In celebration of every new advancement we've made over the last year, we've decided to let you share in the bounty with 8 new levels now available in NirvanaOnline. Each of our four active game worlds will receive two levels for a total of 8 to mark our 8th anniversary! Without further ado, let's take a look at what's in store!

Outlaw Gulch - A new town!

That's right, the fourth town of the Sidewinder Springs territory has finally arrived in SidewinderOnline! Delve into the "city in the canyon" and uncover all sorts of cool new secrets. You never know what you find in a new town or district, so the best way to know for sure is to go take a look for yourself!

The Bishop Judge and The Putrid One - New world bosses!

We have heard your feedback, and it seems that you guys are loving this new game mode more than other activities in NirvanaOnline, so we thought we would double down on it and give you two new world bosses to fight and loot! The Putrid One takes the form of a massive slime that has taken over one of the rooms in the House of Horrors, and The Bishop Judge has reclaimed his rightful place in Hades Bishop in Adytum! Fight both of these challenging battles right away!

The Pink Parlor and Watcher's Nest - New player houses!

Another thing we've noticed in the last month is that you are all loving the new Player Housing Update, so we decided to give you two of these as well! You'll find the Pink Parlor available for sale in the Housing section of the CCO in-game shop, and the Watcher's Nest in the Housing section of the Wake Emporium in UO.

Cumberland Creek - A new strike!

This challenging new strike combines elements of parkour and combat into the ultimate challenge for the seasoned NirvanaOnline vet. Make sure to avoid the many pitfalls and you might just best this carnivorous canyon near Outlaw Gulch!

The Emerald Enclave - A new arena!

We've been working on this one for a while, and we were actually surprised that it hadn't released yet! Choose between battling your foes in the wide-open area at the middle of the arena or stick to the claustrophobic sidelines for some fast-paced, close-quarters combat!

Markoff Mineshaft - A new maze!

Finally, we've been hearing that you enjoy the mazes of Umbra, so we decided to present you with one more! This small-scale mine shaft branches off from the east side of University Park and provides a nice, relaxing environment for those who just want to unwind a little and enjoy some casual combat before taking on the larger challenges!

We are really excited for you to get your hands on the Anniversary Update! Fortunately, you won't have to wait too long because the Anniversary Update is available RIGHT NOW in NirvanaOnline! Thanks for 8 wonderful years and here's to at least 8 more wonderful years to come!

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