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The Advent of SilverServer 2.0

Hello everybody! It has been quite a while since we've last talked, which (as usual) means that we have been hard at work! Today we are ready to show you everything that has been added to NirvanaOnline over the last month. We have had so much content release in the last month that we didn't even get a chance to tell you about all of it! Throughout this admittedly-lengthy article, we will break down everything that we have added to NirvanaOnline this month, and give you the opportunity to see how far ChernobylCarnivaleOnline has come since we talked talked. Without further ado, here we go!

SilverServer 2.0

The most notable addition to our servers is on the back end technical side. We call it the SilverServer 2.0, and it is our newest server architecture that has been optimized to run with update Minecraft clients and be able to deliver a gaming experience that takes us a step further into what is possible in NirvanaOnline and on NirvanaNet! The opportunities that we are able to open up thanks to the power of the SilverServer 2.0 are still unknown, because we are still learning what all we can do with it. We've revamped the portals between game worlds, allowing for a smoother transition from one world to another. Additionally, this has opened up the way for the Player Housing update to arrive and reshape the economy of NirvanaOnline forever.

Player Housing

You asked, and we listened. The most requested feature in NirvanaOnline is finally possible thanks to one of our interns and thanks to the SilverServer 2.0 upgrade. So far, 17 player houses have been added to the game, and we fully intend to continue adding more! Players love their houses and adopt a sense of pride and accomplishment in their houses after saving up to buy one with their in-game cash. Houses can no be purchased with real money, so player houses are only awarded based on progression and dedication.

Some of our wildest player houses include a hollowed-out tree, a long-abandoned Lazarus ruin, a secret alcove high above an underground city, and even your very own mountain! We have been able to flesh out minute areas of our game worlds through these houses, and players are responding wonderfully so far. We have many more player houses in production, and we cannot wait to show them off to you very soon. In fact, we have more houses planned for release in the next two months.

The Secret Park Expansion Pack

Bloody Mary has been hard at work hiding this corner of the park from the rest of the world, but unfortunately her worst-kept secret has been revealed to the world. The Secret Park includes 4 strikes, 1 arena, 2 player houses, 1 dungeon, 1 district, 1 maze, and 2 new world bosses! This medium-sized expansion pack can be accessed from the Three Rings spawn area in ChernobylCarnivaleOnline!

Bloody Mary has begrudgingly reopened a corner of the park that she would have preferred to keep hidden until the end of time, but with it comes all-new adventures to the world of Chernobyl Carnivale. As players move around the miniature park, they'll encounter a wax museum with mysteries aplenty, the bones of a long-dead behemoth, a digital glitch corrupting the midway, an ancient underground army of Aethera waiting to be awoken, a broken-down mirror maze, a dark experiment festering in a laboratory, and a collection of wax figures with a score to settle in the basement of the wax museum.

We had a ton of fun developing this expansion pack, and we are delighted to hear that so many of you are enjoying it as well! One of our favorite additions that it brings to the park is the Wax Menagerie, a world boss with not one but eight unique bosses. Each of these bosses spawns at the same time and is involved in the same battle, but each one drops its own gear set, so bring some friends and get ready to farm because the Void Wax set is a great starter set for anyone wishing to jump into the Wicked Wilds!

The Wicked Wilds

One of our most popular game activities is our 12-player Vaults, and true to form we have another of these grand challenges prepared for our players. In this epic new adventure, the ancient witch Baba Yaga has risen from the grave and has raised her magical armies to wreck havoc on Chernobyl Carnivale! This three-phase Vault will see players get lost in the Black Woods, battle through a menagerie of mechanics in the Elemental Archives, and go face to face with the wicked witch herself!

In fact, this new 12-player Vault was actually the first of its kind to be beaten organically by players! A group of players at the Waverly Public Library spent the better part of the Spring Break Minecraft Program last week working and practicing to beat this incredibly difficult and long level. This just proves to show that practice and perseverance are the keys to overcoming any great challenge. Congratulations on being the first in the world to beat Baba Yaga guys!

Three New Game Packs

Additionally, we released three new game packs last week that have opened up three new districts of the park and have introduced new dungeons, strikes, arenas, mazes, and world bosses to the game. We won't go into too much detail about these new levels, but we are sure you are going to love them! The House of Horrors, Diabolical Den, and Adventure Alley areas of Chernobyl Carnivale are now open and are ready for you to explore at your leisure!

IkarusOnline - Coming Soon

Last, but not least, we had a very special announcement last week. We are finally able to talk in more depth about the location and theme of our next game world and Zane Wyndham's third book! This summer, we will take you to the flying city of Ikarus to continue the story of Adytum in a narrative that we call: "The Battle of the Sea and Sky". We know you're going to love what comes next, and we cannot wait to share more details about the book and the game world, but for now we must leave you with a simple link through which you may pre-order your copy of the book. Keep your eyes to the sky and your ear to the ground, because Ikarus is about to be flying into your news feed very, very soon.

Thank you for an incredible year, and we will have more for you next month around the time of our eighth anniversary! See you all in NirvanaOnline! :)