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Moon Falls

It's time we talked about what's going on on the west side of Adytum...

In short: chaos. We've been talking about this for months now, and it's time that we finally set it free to the public. Starting tomorrow at the Waverly Public Library, NirvanaOnline players will get to step into our first 12-player game mode. It's called a Vault, and we've been using these for years in Recodexer to deliver some of the best loot in the game to our players.

In Moon Falls, players will start in a special spawn room before they pass through the giant arch shown above and enter into our largest, longest, and our hardest level ever. Once inside the main room, players will have to navigate 9 floors of the Moon Falls tower. Each floor is made of different enemies and features different mixtures of our hardest mechanics. We believe that this is the hardest and most unforgiving level in the game. There is a great chance that the level is impossible to beat.

In the first level of the tower, players will find that there are seven teleporters that should take players to the next floor of the tower. Upon initial inspection of the teleporters, players will quickly realize that these are not teleporters at all. In fact, six of these teleporters will actually kill any players that attempt to use them. Players will have to uncover the answer to which of the transporters is the real deal by investigating the level. After the first stage of the tower, players will simply have to reach a single teleporter on their way up the tower.

Every floor of Moon Falls presents a new horror that brings with it new mechanics. When players surpass the final floor of the tower, players will be transported to the boss battle platform hovering above the tower. We won't say too much about this battle, because we want players to discover the mechanics of it for themselves. We will say that players will need to be quick to attack, and having a mix of bows and swords will prove beneficial in the battle.

The first group to complete Moon Falls will receive a prize bigger than we have ever given to our players. Additionally, the final boss has a 40% chance to drop the best sword in the game, so it falls in players' favor to give this a shot.

Moon Falls launches at the Waverly Public Library on June 15th. All other servers will receive the update on June 20th.