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GW3 Revealed....

You have waited very patiently, and now we are ready to reveal the new game world that will be available on the NirvanaNet Gold Server very shortly!

We have to admit, we may have deceived you a little bit. When we told you that we would be releasing a new game world tonight, we told you a rather devious lie. Instead, we will be releasing THREE new game worlds tonight! We are proud to present the NirvanaNet Triple Pack!

The NirvanaNet Triple Pack is divided into three very different game worlds each with their own narratives and micronarratives. Along with all the stories and experiences that each game world provides, we have even crafted a number of new game modes that will be launching tonight. You can read more about each game world and what it contains below!


In the world of SidewinderOnline, players will be transported into the wild west town of Sidewinder Springs and its surrounding territories. This is a NirvanaOnline experience unlike any other because of the advanced level of exploration that has been packed into the game. You can go experience the Great Bank Robbery of Sidewinder Springs or you can go investigate the Old McIntyre Mines that run underneath the city. The possibilities are endless.

Over the course of the year, we will open up new activities and more towns in the area for players to explore. Tombstone and Black Rock Ridge will be some of the first to arrive, and they will be followed by the towns of Fort Atlas and Outlaw Gulch. We have a lot of neat activities planned for this world. One of these activities will take players to an old abandoned farmhouse south of Sidewinder Springs where players will have to confront the Radson gang at their most notorious hideout. That's all we will say for now, but you can be sure that there are many more adventures yet to come!


Rocket #9 is ready to blast off to the world of Orbiton as it's seen in our new DarkStarOnline! Orbiton is a trans-planetary terminal that acts as the bridge between Earth and the various other planets of the solar system. Orbiton is packed full of activities and delights that will satisfy any player. Whether players are exploring Neptune Plaza and the Lucky Star Casino or adventuring through the new Cosmic Trials (a new variation of the Trials game mode), they are sure to have a galactic good time! When you need to take a break, a vacation on the moon is probably the best way to do it. The lower gravity will even drop 15 pounds when you step on the scale!

Over the year of content, we plan to add many more locations to Orbiton. Some of these include the Terminal and the Hub, as well as a cool lunar resort! On the moon, the possibilities are endless. The Lucky Star Casino will be receiving it's own arena sometime soon, so be sure to be on the lookout for that in the future!


Finally, we have the newly-remastered Bellatraux Bedlam that will be making its return from the Suicide Enigma! Things are ready to get demonic in BedlamOnline as the horrific atrocities of the old asylum are starting to catch up with it. Players loved experiencing the wards of this atrocious asylum in the Suicide Enigma, and now they can navigate them in a whole new way! Before jumping in, be warned. BedlamOnline is not for the faint of heart as it contains some of the most grotesque and shocking levels in all of NirvanaOnline!!!

Over the course of the next year, players will get to explore more wards like the Surgical and Intensive Treatment Wards. These new locations will reveal all new atrocities in their own sense. Additionally, players can look forward to the horrors of our new activities such as Dr. Lynch's Surgical Circus and Dr. Cromwell's Operating Theater. There is a ton to do in the Bedlam, but if you dive too deep, you might not be able to sleep at night...


One of our new game modes is a spin on the classic Strikes that can be found all over NirvanaOnline. With the release of our new Silver Servers, we have also bee able to create a new game type known as "DynamicDungeons" These new areas of the games are similar to strikes, but provide less story and focus somewhat more on exploration and problem-solving. A DynamicDungeon is given its name because of the fact that it changes from week to week. The path you used to navigate the new Prison of Our Sins found in BedlamOnline may not help you out every time you play. With this added feature, we have to drastically extend the already-extensive replay value that our games seem to have.

We hope you will dive into the Prison of Our Sins inside BedlamOnline. Based on the feedback that we get from this new game mode, we will begin to put more and more time into creating more of these. We have played them and we love them, but now we want to hear what you think!

How to Play

To play all of these amazing new game worlds, simply go to and become a Gold Player to receive access. Lastly, make sure to check back every week, because we will continue to add new content packs every single week starting next month!