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Umbra Variety Pack #1 First Look

It has almost arrived! Thanks to an anonymous donor, we were able to pump out a whole new drop of activities that will be making their way into UmbraOnline on Saturday!

In the Umbra Variety Pack #1, players will get to experience four micro-stories that we have scattered throughout the city of Umbra. Each of these stories is meant to be experienced in no more than a couple minutes, and will not be as long as Raids or Strikes. Instead, this pack adds to the depth of the fiction that Umbra provides, and in the images and paragraphs below you will get a sneak peak at what there is to experience.

Old Momma's Wishing Well - Back in the early days of Umbra, Old Momma was one of the most benevolent figures in the city. She was known for providing food for the homeless and giving coin to the poor. Unfortunately, she is one of the 14 citizens of Umbra to have passed away since Umbra's founding. She's buried at the town cemetery, but her memory lives on in this wishing well. This magical well is said to grant the wishes of any who toss their coin or similar offerings into the well. So go ahead, toss in a coin or two, who knows? Old Momma just might grant your wish...

Petrified Grove Time Capsule Burial Site - Long ago, the people of Umbra came together as a community in the interest of preserving their ways of life for all eternity (or at least 50 years). They came together in an old grove near Umbra's North Village to bury time capsules every 10 years. These time capsules were to remain sealed for 50 years a piece, but it would appear as if some mysterious robber has dug up a capsule far too early. Who could this robber be, and what has he done with the treasure? Delve into the Petrified Grove and see if you can unmask this mysterious thief...

Starlight Theater - This old theater was once the prized gem of Umbra's southern caves. Now it lies in disrepair and hasn't seen a new show in years. With any hope and luck, a new show could come to town at any moment and breathe so life back into the old girl...

Mulligan Monty's Private Residence - Umbra's favorite nutcase has just reopened his newest attraction, and while he is off work on that a few sneaky teenagers managed to break into his little shack. When they returned to town a couple hours later, they claim to have found a house full of all kinds of secrets and specters. Who know's what you'll find in Mulligan Monty's house? We think Monty might have an idea...

The Umbra Variety Pack #1 launches this Saturday in UmbraOnline as a part of the NirvanaOnline suite!

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