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Trick or Treat Returns...

Yes, you read that right. The Trick or Treat machines are returning to NirvanaOnline (kind of).

Well you demanded it, so we have brought it back again! For those of you who might not be familiar with the Trick or Treat machines, they were special spinning-wheel vending machines that would allow players to deposit coins to play the game. When the game started, a wheel on the front of the machine would begin spinning and the player would either get a Treat (a free weapon or some sort of goodie) or a Trick (the machine would open up to expose a shotgun that would deal damage to the player).

Mayor's Cavern got a remodel just for the Trick or Treat event!

Well, since we cannot program spinning wheels (or shotguns) into Minecraft, we have come up with a new card game that will take the place of the machines in NirvanaOnline. This year, the Trick or Treat gypsy will appear at one of our participating locations to help out with the new system. Players will notice that monsters in NirvanaOnline will begin dropping a new kind of item called a "Trick or Treat Token". These will be the new currency in NirvanaOnline that will allow players to draw a Trick or Treat card from the hand of the ToT Gypsy.

Players will go to the Sanctum of Dis through a new teleporter in Mayor's Cavern and battle the Guardians of Dis to gain their Trick or Treat Tokens. Take these back to Mayor's Cavern to cash them in!

There are 13 cards to choose from, and some of them are sweet, while others are a bit more sinister. Players will have to take 5 Trick or Treat Tokens to the dispenser in Mayor's Cavern in Umbra in order to receive a visit from the ToT Gypsy. Be warned, the fates are not always kind to all, so draw your card and be prepared for what lies next...

Players will take their Trick or Treat Tokens to this new area of Mayor's Cavern to drop them in the hopper. There are also a few cool new secrets to find while you're there!

The Trick or Treat event will be active in NirvanaOnline from October 28th to November 4th.

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