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The Family Minecraft Program

The next Minecraft workshop at the Cedar Falls Public Library is almost here! Unlike the Teen Summer Minecraft Program that wrapped up a couple months ago, the Family Minecraft Program will focus on parents AND children. This amazing new program will teach parents and children the ways of Minecraft and NirvanaOnline.

Newcomers to the gaming world will learn how to play Minecraft and how the game works. Players with previous knowledge will get to enhance their skills with some more advanced techniques and gaming mechanics that will come about in UmbraOnline.

After the workshop concludes, players will get to roam around and explore the world of UmbraOnline, a new MMO from Network Nirvana and NirvanaLabs. This new game world is set in an underground city buried deep beneath the earth. Players and participants will be set on an epic journey to find the fountain of youth. This is a gaming experience that players will not want to miss!

To sign up for either of the program series at the Cedar Falls Public Library, register at one of the links below.

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