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Network Nirvana is a next-generation game design company located in Cedar Falls, Iowa. Our main focus is a STEM-infused, Minecraft-based MMORPG that we license to public libraries around the area. We conduct workshops to teach kids about Minecraft, coding, game design, and more!

Sign up for a workshop today and bring NirvanaOnline to your favorite library!


When you sign up for a program, you're signing up for us to come to your local library and set up a workshop. We will show up on the day of the workshop and start teaching your patrons about how game design, coding, Minecraft, and business-owning works.


After the workshop, there's usually some structured play time for the kids to play and explore NirvanaOnline. TJ or a Network Nirvana representative will be on-site to answer questions, provide hints, and continue to interact with the kids.


Additionally, the library will maintain a NirvanaOnline license for the entire month following the workshop. This allows your patrons to continue to explore and enjoy NirvanaOnline for weeks to come!


Here's a list of our current client libraries!

The Cedar Falls Public Library

The Waverly Public Library

The Waterloo Public Library

The Hudson Public Library

The Hiawatha Public Library

The Parkersburg Public Library

The Jesup Public Library

The Denver Public Library

The Independence Public Library


Here is a list of our upcoming dates for this season. Before requesting a date, please double-check this section.

October 9th @ Parkersburg 4:00 - 6:30

October 17th @ Waverly

October 18th @ Independence

October 26th @ Cedar Falls

November 21st @ Waverly

November 22nd @ Independence

November 23rd @ Cedar Falls

December 7th @ Cedar Falls

December 19th @ Waverly

December 20th @ Marion

December 27th @ Independence

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