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Dreameater: Vault #5

Vault #5 opens tomorrow, and Keepers from around Roswell Carnivale will be encouraged to dive into its horrific depths in search of some of the most valuable treasure in one of our most exciting Vaults to date!

Dreameater takes place in a 1980s nuketown at the nearby Nevada Weapons Testing facility. Players who travel in to this new Vault will find that they've been trapped within this nuketown just before the bomb is about to blow!

Players are going to have to cooperate and bring their best memory skills if they hope to escape the first phase of this Vault alive. Dreameater is a three-phase Vault, with the last phase being the Power of the Atom boss battle. The first phase, The Nuketown, will have each player playing a game of memory in order for each of them to reliably make it through the gate so that they may progress up the mountain towards the bomb.

The second phase will have the players attempting to locate and defuse the bomb before it blows all of them sky high! This is perhaps the most challenging phase of the Vault, so you'll want to come prepared for one heck of a fight. Bring plenty of food and maybe even an extra set of armor. Trust us, you'll need all of it.

Once you've made it through Phase Two, The Equilibrium, it's time to kill the boss that lies in wait within the Dreameater. We won't spoil the nature of this boss battle, but be warned that it's like nothing you've played before! You'll need to formulate a specific strategy in order to bring down the Power of the Atom, but when the boss breathes its last breath, it's time for treasure!

Dreameater has a chance to drop one of the best loot items in the game. Additionally, we have a special surprise for the entire player base when the Vault has been completed! The new Dreameater Vault is designed to be slightly harder than Moon Falls, but not as difficult as Mr. Sandman's Citadel, so you're in luck if you're worried about it being impossible. You have better hurry though, because Dreameater and all of Roswell Carnivale will be disappearing on April 24th. If you haven't beaten Roswell Carnivale or Dreameater before then, well we have bad news for you!

Good luck tomorrow, Keepers. You're going to need it.

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