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ChernobylOnline Demo

ChernobylOnline is on its way, and we have received numerous emails from our devoted fans and players regarding it. One of the biggest requests that we have received is that we bring back Chernobyl Carnivale again for Halloween this year. While we are very honored to have received these requests, we have been hard at work on UmbraOnline and the upcoming ChernobylOnline. To help alleviate the wait until ChernobylOnline launches next year, we have prepared a short demo that we will have available at NirvanaLabs and the Haus of Nirvana.

Starting this Friday, you'll be able to come to NirvanaLabs and the Haus of Nirvana to play through one of the rides that we have ready in ChernobylOnline. Players will get to ride through one of our favorite rides at the Funfair. Players will be swept into the underground caves beneath Chernobyl Carnivale and through an abandoned factory in this amazing adventure.

But before you are quick to venture into Chernobyl Carnivale, not every roller coaster is what it appears to be, and in ChernobylOnline, but might just find yourself in quite a predicament before you realize what is really going on...

ChernobylOnline launches as a part of the NirvanaOnline suite in early 2017. The ChernobylOnline beta will be available starting on Friday, October 29th at 2 PM .

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