Sponsor an activity build in UmbraOnline. By purchasing this, you will be able to fully fund a new activity in UmbraOnline. We have more than 20 DLC activities on the way that will be releasing during the content season of UmbraOnline. By purchasing this, you will be adding an additional activity to the content lineup. Choose your favorite activity and we will create a brand-new level just for you. As a part of the package, you will receive a high-quality print of all the promotional materials that will be used in the game, and your name will be included on the cover image for the activity. This activity can be big or small, and can even potentially carry a specific theme if you would prefer.

Sponsor an UmbraOnline Activity

  • We cannot offer refunds after the activity has been completed and launched. Please specify the name you would like on the title card in the text field provided. If any special requests are received, you will be notified by the Haus of Nirvana or NirvanaLabs in regards to the validity of your request. Not all special requests can be fulfilled. Activity will be created within two weeks of approval, and will launch within two weeks of completion.