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Mazes are exactly what you'd expect. Navigate your way through the labyrinth to claim some currency and the pride of besting these unique experiences. No combat included, so relax and begin to solve them at your own pace! 


In need of a little combat practice? Take on these cool (and often intimidating) arenas to test your skills and build your expertise before you escalate to larger challenges. Each of these sandbox activities feature different mixes of enemies, so explore and experiment until you find one you like the best!


Dungeons are pockets of NirvanaOnline's open world in which players will encounter specialized mob spawners. These mobs will have bolstered health and even new mechanics, but beating them provides a chance at acquiring golden weapon and armor sets.


What's bigger than a 12-player Vault? What about one of our 24-player Incursions?! These epic challenges feature the most bespoke mechanics and impossible challenges. You are not expected to survive.

Pinnacle Activities

Looking for something entirely unique? check out our Pinnacle Activities! Each one features a completely different ruleset, so each will require a little bit of experimentation to master. Puzzles and combat are usually involved, but expect more on top of that...

Pulsis Rituals

These towers are one of NirvanaOnline's most dangerous secrets. They were originally built by secret cults, but now they can be utilized by you! Hit the button near the middle of each tower and prepare for a zerg rush! Defeat all of the enemies and claim the rewards in the Cursed Chest!


Raids are like 4-player Strikes that require some extra cooperation and combat finesse. Make sure your gear is in order and enchanted properly, because you'll need all the help you can get to take these baddies down. A good team goes a long way in these parts.


These single-player missions are great if you're looking for a casual jaunt through your favorite game world. Battle the enemies that get in your way, navigate the parkour, or solve the puzzles that stand in your way. Find the "Claim Your Reward" button at the end to grab some currency and other delightful goodies along the way!


Do you like a good puzzle, but maybe mazes aren't your thing? Check out Trials! These are large-scale puzzles, each with their own mechanics and tribulations. Solve their visual-spacial riddles and claim unique prizes!


Our 12-player Vaults are the apex of everything NirvanaOnline has to offer. These incredible challenges will test everything you've learned from the smaller activities and put it to test. Overcome their challenges and claim the best rewards we have to offer.

World Bosses

Looking for a casual challenge? World Bosses are dotted all over NirvanaOnline. Hit the button to summon the boss and let the fight begin! Beat the boss and you'll have a chance to claim his gear!

Wild Hunts

Wild Hunts are the evolution of World Bosses. These beasts spawn randomly around the game worlds without notice, and take the form of legendary mythical creatures. Hunt down the Sasquatch, Manticore, or Jezi Baba and claim their Trick or Treat tokens to spend in an all-new in-game shop!